The best places and cafes to work from in Amsterdam

Ben Copeland
4 min readOct 26, 2021


After living in Amsterdam as a student ánd freelancer for almost 8 years now, I’ve spent hours and hours in cafes, restaurants, hotels and other coworking spots to study or get some work done. Here’s an overview of my favourites.

Photo: Indebuurt Amsterdam

coffeecompany Ferdinand Bol

When I was writing my thesis, you could find me typing (and crying and sweating) away almost every day here. The first floor always full with people coming to study or work, and you have some great spots by the window overlooking the busy Ferdinand Bol street. Coffee is solid, wifi is good and the staff’s friendly.

Photo: Hoxton Amsterdam

The Hoxton

This is definitely my favourite place to work of all time. Period. It’s basically my second living room. There’s a great atmosphere, staff’s friendly, coffee is superb. If the area upstairs is open, grab a table by the window overlooking the canal houses.

Back to Black Van Hallstraat

Back to Black (Van Hallstraat)

There are 2 Back to Black cafes in Amsterdam, but this is definitely the one you want to head to with your laptop. The big table in the back is suitable for coworking, or if you’re feeling like getting some fresh air — the courtyard is an an excellent place to bring out your book, too.

Public Space

If I ever feel like catching the ferry up North, this cafe is definitely my go-to to get some work done. Just a few minutes away from Amsterdam CS you’ll find the incredible Public Space cafe. The clean, industrial design is astonishing and the coffee by Friedhats served in slick, ceramic cups is 🔥 — and so are the pastries by the way.

Photo: I Amsterdam

Hotel Casa

This hotel is partly home to students and that’s why studying in the lobby isn’t uncommon here. From October until May, about 70% of the hotel rooms are turned into student housing. I used to live here for 3 years and have always enjoyed hanging out by the big tables on the ground floor or the quieter first floor. The coffee from the in-house restaurant East57 is great and there’s always a good vibe.


Another hotel where the lobby is almost entirely full of people who come to study, work or read. Once you enter, head over to the big tables on the right in the area called ‘De Werkplaats’ and find yourself a nice big desk to settle down for a morning or an afternoon. They serve bomb coffee from White Label, too.

Photo: Coffee & Coconuts

CT Coffee & Coconuts

What used to be an old movie theatre is now a coffee and brunch hotspot in de Pijp. This place has become very popular (and touristy) over the years but is still a nice getaway to study or get some work done. Grab a coffee and sink into a bean bag on the top floor (if you’re still able to be productive that way).

Photo: Venu


This is a relative new kid on the block, but wow — if you need to be productive, this place is your best bet. They charge a fee of 4,- an hour, but it’s all worth it because this place has it all: amazing interior design, comfy chairs, amazing coffee and sweets. You’ll never want to leave.

Photo: Architype Review

OBA Oosterdok

When most cafes were only open for take-away during the pandemic, I often came here to get some work done. Connecting to the Wifi can be a bit tricky without an OBA library pass. There’s a cafe on the top floor with sandwiches, salads, pizzas and nice views.